Essentology Skin Care Collection

Essentology uses only the essentials. They believe this is key to improving your health, skin and, of course, the environment. Basically, they think chemicals are lame and that unnecessary packaging should be banned.

Greg’s skincare journey started about 10 years ago. Back then it was nearly impossible to find a chemical-free sunscreen. Being fair-skinned and fed up, Greg decided to make his own. Fast forward seven years and he became the king of mineral sunscreens (that’s what we call him at Essentology). And he didn’t stop there! He went on to create a range of skincare products. All-natural, all organic, all eco-friendly and all made with love!

100% Natural / Organic Liquid Handsoap 250ml
CBD Natural Moisturising Face Cream 100ml
Natural Sunscreen 15% Zinc Oxide 100ml
CBD Skin Repair Balm 50ml
Coconut Oil Soap – Honey & Milk Soap 100g